Having inherited and carried forward fine tradition of large professional foreign trade company, Anhui Arts & Crafts Import & Export Company Ltd has long kept the cooperative concept of “Centering around customers and teaming up with suppliers” in the spirit of solidarity, honesty, pragmatism and daring. It implements a discipline-based, people-oriented and affection-induced operation and management concept and ready to enter into faithful cooperation and common development with both domestic and foreign friends from all walks of life.

A thousand-li journey takes every step effort while a broad expanse of an ocean pools every little stream. On the traditional trading platform, we, with brand newoperation concept, will continue the innovating endeavors in system, management, operation and market while giving full play to the integral advantage of the business, constant improving service quality and holstering foundation little by little. Meanwhile, we shall gradually conduct scientific exploration and plunge into practice with no hesitation so as to form a highly qualified and amply experienced business team. Thus, we boast a large pool of clients, market resources and marketing networks both at home and abroad, and enjoy certain business fame and brand prestige, having won the award of “famous export brand of Anhui Province” for the “ARTSHOW” and registered lots of patents.

Our self-development is derived from down-to-earth performance which moves us forward every year; our pride originates from credence and recognition by customers for our fine services; our self-confidence comes from the booming prosperity taking on the business.

“He who practices achieves, he who moves arrives”. With flaming enthusiasm, we have made solid footprints one after another, which witness our legend, rushing unswervingly towards our goal with all effort.

We would like to extend heartfelt appreciation for the concern and support for us from all walks of life.

We hereby make solemn commitment that with the quality policy and purpose of creating perfection, we will carry out business in good faith

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